Sunday, October 20

Make Something Monday: Monsters Everywhere

Hello all!  I was mulling over my Halloween supplies the other day and I remembered these amazing stickers I found.  I did not initially associate them with Halloween which seems weird, but I bought them last November way after the holiday. 
An amazing contribution of stickers from a variety of artists.   
 Then I added in this 6x6 paper pad of cool small print scrapbook paper.
 And some scrapbook sticker embellishments.  These three things equaled the below fun.

I liked this sticker so much I did not want to clutter it up.

 The artist who created this one did a great job at creating fantasy!
 One of my favorites! 
With that, I hope this gets you in the creative mood!



  1. I LOVE the last three!! Those monster stickers sure came in handy. ;)

    1. Really! Why didn't I make the connection to Halloween before though??? I was at the Moravian and saw they had some others but none as cool as this.

  2. Some are funny, and some others really disgusting ! :o)
    never seen Halloween stickers in France!

  3. Looks like you had some great fun! Of course, I love "Mind your mummy," and also "Tomb it may concern." Happy Halloween!