Saturday, October 5

Allentown Paper Show

Hello all!

I posted earlier this year about the Allentown Paper show which was for vintage papers and books.  I did not end up going then, but I contacted Andria from the Drawing Near blog about other things and she mentioned going to this, so plans were made and off we went.
Through the doors is another huge hall.
 There are tables and tables of this and that spread across 2 very large rooms full of ephemera, postcards, collectibles, and books. Unfortunately most of the stuff was prime and out of our budget, but we found this awesome vendor (below) who was really excited that we loved her bits of this and that. So excited in fact, she took down Andria's contact info to send her some other things, and unloaded some free extras on us - yay, free!
See the planes behind?  US Airmail, 2 postcards to make one picture.
Above is Kathy, our super exuberant supporter!  I wished we had started here instead of ended here.  I would have bought so much more from her while we chatted away!
Below is what I got for less than $20.

Mini postcard packs for a $1

Buy 1, get 5 free.
 There is a story to the above.  They are old vintage backs that people could print family pictures on but other vendors were concerned they could be used to make fake antique postcards.  The wonderful lady above decided to just give us all of them to use for collage because they posed a risk to her reputation.  So if anybody wants a few, please let me know!  But you must promise to use them appropriately or not at all.
FREE!  A set of mini postcards.

A whole lotta of virgin miscellaneous postcards to use in postcrossing.
A free postcard advertising the Ephemera Society

2 old magazines from the 40's to tear up.

A bunch of fun calendars to tear up for a $5

A really nice paper cutting somebody did that was sold for a buck.

misc paper dolls

the middle one from above up close.

Some airmail first day of issue that I can't wait to resend!
A really nice free postcard advertising an upcoming NYC postcard show.

This is for the Spring show!  Any takers?
Many smiles, friendly chats, and beautiful things which unfortunately were mostly out of my budget, but fun to look through.  Plans were tentatively made for the spring show and I am always happy to meet up with out of towners at these events.  The Allentown Farmers Market is right next door and a great place to grab a bite when you need a break.

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  1. I wish I was there with you!The kind of event that I miss here.Glad you found many things!

    1. It was a nice day, but I had a big delay so I got less shopping and bonding time.

  2. Oh I love all this! The postcardbacks certainly do look amazing - I'd love to find some like these around here as well!
    How big / small exactly are the mini postcards?
    Take care!

    1. Minis are about half the size of regular cards and usually sold in sets where people could have a mini photo souveniors of a place.

  3. Hi Becky! So fun to meet up with you at the Paper Show on Saturday. I just blogged about it this evening (you are fast to get this post up same day!), so come on by to see my "take" on the day. You ARE good at scoring the freebies! I came away for under $50, so I'm going to call that good.

    1. Your photos were by far better! Maybe next year we'll be able to spend the whole time togather and give Kathy a heads up to bring all her hoarded pieces! LOL

  4. I just found your blog a week ago and I've been"lurking"! ;-) What a great adventure! I need to look up something like this in FL! Would you like to do a swap for some of the mini postcards? Let me know. My email is :-D

  5. Oooh and the paper dolls are fantastic too! :D