Wednesday, October 2

Postcard Plethora Continues

I apologize for being stuck on a this project, but it gives me so much satisfaction to get a project done!  Right now I am outside with my laptop and favorite furry 4 legged friends enjoying the beautiful day.

Traditional costume from Latvia
 A Russian postcrossing of a macaw
 a Castle from a Ukrainian postcrossing.
 A very bright postcrossing from Belarus
 Egg art, a postcrossing from Germany
 A sweet treat from Japan - Postcrossing
 A postcrossing from Minneapolis.  I personally do like the raised words look.
 A nice view of today's streets in the Netherlands.
 Sleep and dream on - from Belarus
 I believe google translate said this was something similar to chatting the night away(?)
Postcrossing from Germany
 Postcrossing from Poland depicting many national costumes and traditional crafts.
 Postcrossing from the Ukraine.
 A great view of Devon and the coast of Great Britain.
 A fun little collage from Miss JD on sendsomething
 Little boys in traditional costumes from a Dutch Postcrossing.
I think I have one more postcard post and I'll be all caught up for the summer!


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