Tuesday, October 8

October 9th is World Post Day!

Hello folks out there!
I just found a tid bit on the Facebook Postcrossing fan page about World Post Day, the celebration of when the universal postal system went global.  I am not sure that I will be able to mail many letters on Oct. 9th, but I should be able to write a few that day and send them on the 10th.  I think I will pledge 5 letters for the tenth!  I will edit this and add the photos of the finished letters once they are done and I hope you will join me in making some mail of your own to celebrate the day.

Happy Writing My Friends!


  1. I wrote 4 postcards yesterday so they could be mailed today. And I hope to finish some letters so I actually wrote something today too.

  2. Today I mailed 3 packages and 7 letters! I love world post day! Thanks for letting us know! ;-)