Thursday, September 19

What Wonderful Stationery! Purchases From USPS

I have been meaning to add this photo for awhile. It's of some of my favorite stationery that I bought, and all part of a mini shopping spree on my birthday for something I would truly enjoy!

The vintage seed packets are one of my favorite stamp series for the year.  I almost bought the neon celebrate to go with as that is still one of my overall favorites of all time, but I restrained myself.

I do not have a thing for Lighthouses, and I got these more for Postcrossing.  So many people seem to be intrigued by lighthouses that I thought this would be a good investment for future exchanges.   I also invested in the New England lighthouses postcard series. 
Are there any other stationery lovers out there, who enjoy the USPS merch?
The dragon cards were also on the list, but I'll be honest, I'm cheap and I prefer to get things on sale whenever possible.   I do stalk the USPS clearance section for stationery routinely just to see and occassionally buy.  Stationery is still one of my first loves!



  1. I wish the Belgian post made such pretty stationery with the releases of new stamps.

  2. I love the USPS merchandise although I can be accused of being cheap too. I like their post cards quite a bit. The British postal services makes some great cards too.