Sunday, September 29

Thrift Store Finds

Let's take a break from the postcards for a post and get into some fun finds from this weekends activities. 

As we all know I have a need and desire to stop in and look at the thrift stores although I have done less of this in the more recent days than I used to.  And even when you stop in, it doesn't necessarily mean you will find anything.  Well the other day I stopped in for Via days at our local branch and found some cute/ useful things.

First I found these old scrap book fillers.  We would now call these slam book sheets, but for 15 cents a pack I went with it.  I also got a worn out pocket dictionary for 25 cents.
 But the awesome item was this set of US Mail Looney Tune cards.  You may not be able to appreciate that the cards are made of a shimmery foil paper.
 Then right next to it was this pack of self adhesive memo pad, although I checked and the adhesive no longer works, so just a fun stack of writing paper now!
I am sure somebody gifted this set to a younger person.  It's a shame they never found the time or desire to use them!  But then again, if they had, I would not have anything fun to share with all of you!

I hope your thrift store purchases will be many and full of wondrous things!

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  1. Looks like you picked up some neat things at the thrift store. I always hear about people finding things and I barely go. I must go soon. :)