Monday, September 2

Make Something Monday - Not Mail, but Yummy!

Hello all!
I know many of you have been enjoying the fruits of the season like I have, green veggies, ripe fruits, and sweet corn!  Well today instead of a mail focused Make Something Monday and because I am so horribly behind in them anyway, I thought I would post my newly made ketchup recipe! 
First off, I have been making things all along, but they were not mail appropriate.  Then I had a thought, this is my blog and maybe folks out there would like to see more than mail! 
So here it is my weekends labors in celebration of Labor Day, the day we are to rest.
The only thing not pictured is my ketchup.  My friend who dropped in for lunch liked it so much, she wanted to buy a jar!  Maybe I'm in the wrong business, but on the right recipe.
Now I am terrible about not using recipes!  Just terrible!  Now with that said I have decent instincts and the interesting talent to read a recipe and have an idea of what it'll taste like in the end.  So after reading a few ketchup recipes, and mind you not that cheap high fructose syrup, preserved stuff they sell in the stores, but whole foods that contain no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, I invented this one and I got to say, it is great!

Becky's Ketchup
Start by peeling and crushing 8 cups of romas*
In a pan saute 1 large onion in olive oil with a bulb bulb of onion.  You don't have to chop either very fine as you will food process it all.
I also threw in 2 jalapeno peppers, because I had them, but they did not add much heat.
After the onion mix is translucent, toss in the tomatoes, 1 tbsp cumin seeds, 3/4 cup cider vinegar, and 3/4 cup coconut sugar or agave nectar.  I chose the latter.  Adjust to your taste.
Processed it all. 
While hot, put it in your hot jars, into a boiling water bath and heat for 30 minutes. This should yield 8 or so 12oz jars.

*Note:  I do not have the means to remove seeds nor the desire, but if you do, there are several methods in which this can happen and a quick search should yield you many options.

Well that is my tasty and unusual Make Something Monday!  For those of you who can, give this a try as it is a super yummy sauce that I think I will find many a use for!

My Best,

P.s. Update on Lily, the foster cat, she has lost 2 pounds!  In another 5 pounds, we'll reassess our end weightloss goal for her.


  1. I'd loooove to make my own ketchup. Prob low on the priority list though :(

    1. Next time you're out, I'll feed you some! I still think of the quiche we had at the French place.

  2. Haha, I like your "wrong business, right recipe" ! :o)
    It takes time and romm to do such things, and maybe more patience than I have..But I like the picture of all jars!