Tuesday, September 24

Mail Back Log - Postcards

Hello all!
I really wanted to get all the mail I have been receiving over the summer up on the blog, but I looked at the mess and decided to instead focus on the postcards for postcrossing and let the letters go to the storage box.  Sorry if you really wanted me to post your letter, but my sanity wins out on this one.  At least, I will try very hard to post all the mail I receive AFTER October 1st, but until then, I hope you enjoy the parade of postcards as I try to catch up.
Postcrossing from Germany
Postcrossing from the USA
My first Moomin from Finland.  I did not request them on my profile, but I appreciated the sender thinking I would like one!  I actually never heard of the Moomins till postcrossing - sheltered I know!
Wind sculptured the rock in this postcrossing from Taiwan
Postcrossing from China
Postcrossing from the USA
Nice ad card from the Netherlands
Postcrossing from Taiwan, so much natural beauty.
From the Osteology Museum in Oklahoma.  My friend thought I would like it and she was right!
Postcrossing from Finland
Awesome postcard from Switzerland
A Greek postcard by way of Belarus
A surprise package from the Ukraine including some money.  Again I never ask for cash on my postcrossing page, but it's nice to see.
Until I can get more up, enjoy!

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