Saturday, September 28

Postcards, the Summer's Received Continue

Hello!  Some more for your viewing pleasure and by now you are probably realizing why I focused on postcards instead of all my mail.
A sender's photo from New York (sendsomething)
Postcrossing from a little boy in Belgium
From my friend Malyss in the south of France
A postcrossing from USA to help my postcard project
A nice view from Malyss in the South of France
From a new Sendsomething friend
A postcrossing from Poland
An awesome postcrossing from the Ukraine depicting Kupala Night
A postcrossing from Germany
A Postcrossing from Malaysia
A postcrossing from Spain
An awesome surreal postcrossing from Belarus that depicts a painting by Rob Gonsalves from Canada
A postcrossing from the USA
A postcard from Croatia via a postcrossing from the Czech Republic
A postcrossing from the USA.  I have seen many of these black and white cards when I was last in the west and I think they are interesting views into a culture that was slowly ending.
And on we go!  The next installment will be soon!

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