Sunday, September 15

Make Something Monday: The Stacking Letter

Hello all,
I had every intention of posting this earlier this weekend, but I had great weather to work outside and that I did!  I know I got a lot done too because my body is tired, but in the good, "get 'er done" way.  
Anyhow, I  first wanted to announce the winner of the Kreat-a-Lope give away.  Congrats Sarah at Sarah's Scribbles!  Nick, the creator of the product picked the winner himself and I am sure he has already made contact. 
On the Kreat-a-Lope note, I was surprised to receive the square envelope  templates as a thank you for the publicity on the blog. 

As soon as I saw them, I knew what I wanted to make!  A stacking letter, like one of the Russian dolls that gets smaller and smaller as you peel back the layers. 

For this project you will need
3 sheets of paper, and at least one has to be a 12x12 scrapbook page or 2 8x11 fused along the long axis
glue or a tape roller
3 letter templates in decreasing size

These templates are easy, just put them in the corner or over the area you wanted to highlight.
 Fold it up and I might use the scissors to straighten up any edges not to my satisfaction.
You basically do this 3 times till you have one of each size.

Then glue them inside each other with the little one inside and the big one outside.

I can only hope the recipient will enjoy the layers as much as I would.  I try to send mail I would like to receive!
Happy Creating!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Yes, he has contacted me, and I'm eagerly awaiting trying them when they arrive!