Wednesday, September 25

Postcards Galore

Hello all,
I am continuing my effort to photograph and update the postcards I received over the summer.  Many are from Postcrossing, but I did not discriminate.  If it was a postcard, I took a snapshot and you'll see it!

Postcrossing from Russia: Eiffel Tower in tandem
 A postcard from the French Riviera
Russian Postcrossing: View of Germany after WWII
Postcrossing from Germany
Postcrossing from Greece- my first from there!
Postcrossing from the USA - to help along the collection.  By the way I only need a Missouri state card if anybody out there would like to contribute!
 Postcrossing from China
 A postcard from Karen!  Hope all is well in Calgary.
Nice postcrossing from Bulgaria!
 Outsider Art from Patricia at Sendsomething
 Another fun postcard from my friend in the South of France
Postcrossing from Belarus.
Postcrossing from Malaysia
 Ballerinas in mid dance from Ukraine.
 Well I have a few more piles to post so stay tuned.
Wishing you lots of mail!

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