Thursday, September 26

Postcards, see Some Postcards Here!

More, I know you all want more and I am happy to get them out of the waiting box, catalogued and put away!   I hope to reclaim my office before we get too far into fall. 

Postcrossing from China
A student art show postcard from a Turkey postcrossing
Postcrossing from Belarus
Postcrossing from the Netherlands - Something sweet!
Postcrossing from Great Britain depicting a painting called the moon
Postcrossing from Germany.
Ciara helping to fill in the gaps in my states postcard collection.
This is the second one she sent!
A postcrossing from Korea - the sender took this photo!  Love it.
From my bud in OK!  She's helping to fill the gaps as well.
Postcrossing from the Netherlands
postcrossing from Brazil
Postcrossing from the USA, a fellow PA mailer sent it
A fun flamenco postcrossing from Spain

Postcrossing from Taiwan

Until the next installment, and don't be jealous of all these. They are the accumulation over months!



  1. Lovely to find your site. I too am a snail mail/stationery aficionado. A small addiction problem really! :) Such a great variety in your postcards - all beautiful in their own way. You can find me over at Please consider yourself invited anytime.

    1. Welcome to the community. It's one where friends equal letters in the mailbox!