Saturday, September 7

Join Me on Facebook

Let's face it, Facebook and other social medias are so pervasive in our daily lives that I decided to create a fan page for the blog.  This is more a way to make the content easily available to people who do not have time to log on to a variety of websites or want the privacy to just "like" a link and get the updates as they come through. 
I have no major plans to do anything with the Facebook fan page, but through sharing my and your passion with others, maybe we can inspire a few more to pick up a pen. 

Heck, until 3 and a half years ago, I was not even aware this online community existed!  I do feel as though my life has been enriched by the blog and many, many pen friends I have made through the communities I have joined. 
For now this will be a fan page, but who knows (literally!) what the future will bring.  So please consider coming and evolving with me!  Look for the blog under Leaving a Paper Trail on Facebook.

And as an FYI - The International Union of Mail Artist, SendSomething, SwapBot, and Postcrossing all have fan pages as well!  Go ahead and geek out with the rest of us, we're waiting!

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