Friday, September 13

Get Togethers Involving Stamps

Hello all! 
I still want to get my Make Something Project up for this week and announce the Kreat-A-Lope winner, but long hours of work this week are cramping my blogging style.  S stay tuned for this post this weekend.
On a more urgent note, I wanted to announce a few mail social events I have stumbled across.
First off there is the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery opening  in Washington DC,  next weekend!  The mail gathering is being called a Correspondence Salon and I know a lot of bloggers who are trying to rearrange their schedules to get there.  I have planned to attend an afternoon event, but plan to be there by noon to enjoy meeting other birds of this feather as we flock to this location.  I will also be buying some stamps at the event as this is the release date for the inverted $2 Jenny.

I caught an announcement on Facebook for Postcrossing that there were several groups world wide hosting get togethers.  For times and dates there are several listings.  Take a look at the list and consider meeting up!

Then there is the most awesome and much anticipated Postal extravaganza in San Francisco, Ex Postal Facto coming up on Valentines Day next year.  I have been in talks with Ciara of Scoutaroo Paper Company to maybe go.  We'll see how the budget holds, but I have dreamed of a mail convention for years! 

I also hope to get a date together for a PA Mail Social, lack of time and partners in crime are not helping to motivate me.  We'll see how it ends up, but I may have to aim for Early spring/ Late Winter next year.  Let me know if you are interested in helping.

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  1. Viva La Ex Postal Facto!! I will be there. Coming in from Jacksonville, FL for the weekend!