Friday, August 5

Mixed Media

Hello friends,
As you all may know, I have a paper problem.  But I also have a fabric problem. . . and a bead issue . . .and ribbon . . .  I tend to jump into my hobbies feet first and spend too much getting set up to do them. Then after awhile, my ideas fizzle or I have given one of everything to all my friends so they are saturated. 
But today I was perusing the net and found a fun idea.
Let's combine them!  Here are some interesting and fun ways to create fabric mail!
Hopefully I'll pull out my supplies and come up with something myself!
One should always try to be as busy as they imagine themselves to be : )


  1. Thank you for this post. I think I may be able to resist fabric mail, but you described my obsessive nature perfectly; nice to know I'm not alone.

  2. I love mixed media mail! :) I created some cards a couple of years ago using paper, fabric, felt, and metallic thread. It was so fun! I wish I still had my sewing machine so I could make some more like that!

  3. I have actually been thinking about making a fabric envie! Thanks for the post. =)