Tuesday, August 30

Naughty Betty

Hello all,
I have recently been running across more and more of the Naughty Betty stationery.  I seem to be finding it for a good price at Target where I got the Karma cards I posted awhile back and at Marshalls.

It's sassy and cute, 2 of my favorite things! 
Unfortunately I don't have children, so I hope my friends like it as a gift!
The secret to happiness is do something you love every day.  Find what inspires you to write and just do it! 
My Best,


  1. I love checking out the stationery selections at Target! So affordable, and often they have something interesting, and unique. They've come along way in that department!

  2. I just picked up a pack of those cards! They were on sale for .98 cents. (And my sister bought them for me, so...technically free? Haha!)
    Mine say "Greetings from Crazyville"