Friday, August 12

Adventures in Desk Moving

Hey guys,
I wanted to share my last weekend adventures with you.  I was hoping to do it earlier in the week, but I've barely had time to sleep! Anyway I found time to go antiquing which is always a good time!   I found a few things I couldn't live without and one of them was this old metal desk. 

Not the most fashionable but built like a tank!  And only $20 with a freebie thrown in. (We'll get back to that).  Anyway, I bought this tank at a local thrift/ consignment/ antique place.  I really really want a wooden roll top or flip down- but this was cheap and if I decide to leave it behind (donate it) when I move out of my apartment- it won't be a big money waste! 
But let me tell you about this desk- I called my local friend up to see if she could help me move it up the 2 flights.  Of course, being the saint she is, she agreed.  Then it started to pour rain, and since I'd only helped load it on the light end, I didn't realize how much the crazy thing weighed!!!  Lucky for me my neighbor was home and heard us struggling- so he jumped in to help.  Mona took the drawers which were pretty heavy on their own and he and I man handled the desk up 2 flights.  Did I mention I was soaked from the trip from vehicle to apartment?  But here it is in all its tankish glory! 

Love it!
Now the freebie you ask!  It was this little English tin.  I have a thing for these ornate candy tins especially the European ones. 

The free one is in the top middle.  The square one and bowl one were also finds of the day : )
All in all it was a good haul!  The guy was happy to get rid of the desk and it helped him make space for a load of new furniture that just arrived.  I love the desk space and drawers!  It's better than the table I had been using! 
The saint friend got supper out of the deal, and my neighbor got to act manly and come to our rescue, (okay, he didn't get anything great out of the deal but a thank you!)
Now- I'm off to clutter the old desk and create literary magic or a letter, which ever comes first.
Happy creativity!

p.s. I heard the same day that my wonderful Mother got me an old typewriter!   That's something to go on the old desk!  I'll get it when I go home over the Labor Day holiday.


  1. Your desk is lovely!! It definitely looks like it could handle just about anything. (My mom has a nice collection of tins like yours. I will have to photograph them for you at some point.)

  2. I started reading about your desk find and immediately thought "holy crap, I wonder if she realized those things weigh a ton when she bought it". Then I laughed out loud (yes, really) when I read further. I give you a week before the drawers are stuffed to the gills!

  3. A week? Really? It was cluttered by the next day! You should see it overflowing already!

  4. Man, that is an awesome find for only $20. It should last you!