Friday, August 19

Last Weeks Mail

Hello Folks!
I thought I'd get caught up on my first day off in awhile.  No worries if you don't see yours- I may have it and have not responded to it yet!  I try not to post mail on the blog till its been replied to!

From Pamela - smashed penny and brochure envie

Ciara at Send Something- Campbell soup #1

So You Think You Can Dance from Ambrosia- S2

Awesomeness from Marguerite

A terrific hand drawn envie from Speck

Matthew from S2
That's all for now- I promise to post more tomorrow!  I have tons of photos just need to transfer them!
Remember mail is like a boomarang- the more you throw out there, the more you'll get back!

1 comment:

  1. Impressive! Speck's envie is awesome!If you want to see more of her work look at Troy' blog at this link: There is such talent and generousity in the Mail art/pen friend world!
    Thanks for sharing! elle