Sunday, July 31

Hiatus or Slow Down or Temporary Insanity? I Plead Them All!

Dear readers and pen friends,
I find my creativity is lacking a bit on what to say on the blog and I am falling behind a lot on my mail therefore I will be taking a brief hiatus to enjoy summer.  No worries- it won't be a long one!  More of a slow down if you will.

I'll try to gather myself for one big post a week, but now is the time to be doing things!  So that's what I'll be up to.   If there is anybody to blame, then blame my fabulous friends for all finding time to visit this August!  Love them and can't wait to catch up!
And know I will continue to respond to any sent letters in as timely a fashion as I can muster. 
Again, I repeat, a temporary slow down!
Hope this finds you all enjoying your summers! 


  1. Enjoy your time. Life is all about living! See ya 'round :) Elle

  2. Many times slowing down is heaven sent, enjoy your slow down. Look forward to reading post in the near future.

  3. Take your down time, but, send me a letter first! ;)

    Seriously, take all the time you need. Enjoy your people.

  4. I've fallen off the mailbox too.