Saturday, August 20

Postcard Days

Hello All!
I continue with the mail I have been receiving.  This blog will be dedicated to all the wonderful postcards which are multiplying in my mailbox!  I did not start out as a postcard person, but I am learning to appreciate them- especially the weird ones that give glimpses of place I may never see.
I also suspect postcards are so numerous, because its the summer and people have no time to reply in a proper letter.  I know I've been busy and from the decrease in page views and posts of my fellow blogging community I suspect the problem of not enough time in the day is wide spread!

Postcrossing Postcards:

A nice young gentleman sent me 2 a week or 2 apart- somehow they arrived the same day?!

From a pair of sisters- I apparently sent one to the elder sister awhile ago and the younger sister got my name so they sent me 3!  Can't remember what I sent, but it must have been awesome to warrant this.

a first from Argentina

bottom one is my first from Japan

Not technically a postcrossing- this is a blog fan who also postcrosses - surprisingly I'm thesnailmailer on postcrossing too ! )
A thank you note from a fellow postcrosser for following her instructions on what she liked.  Remember kids, if you put your address on the card, you are more likely to get a reply!  Of course this can lead to a vicious circle or an awesome pen friend- right Nora!
SendSomething(.net) :

I love Mucha and I have to say my exposure to art has been very expanded by my mail activities!

the bottom is from Laura who is a founder of the site.  She likes my blog- cool! 
These are postcards I sent to friends to send back to me.  I wanted to add them both to a permanent collection and knew who I could get to send some love!
The last 2 are from Nancy a local friend.  These are both advertiser cards.  I don't know why people hate advertiser cards so much, as these are beautiful.  I actually sent her back one and self addressed and stamped it to me so I can keep it in my permanent collection.  I'll get the few letters up  tomorrow- stay tuned!
That's All Folks- (play the Looney Toons cartoon music in your head here)

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