Monday, August 22

Cartoon Stamps - Send A Hello

Hey folks,
I was working on some packages and stopped in at my local USPS location.  As usual, the ladies know me and have the stamps sheet ready and waiting for me to pick from : ) Well these pretties were pulled out, and while I'm not a huge Disney and Pixar fan, I do enjoy the letter writing encouragements on the back of the stamps as much as the stamps themselves!

Misty (the Pen Theif) had a blog post that said there would be more this next year.  Not sure why Disney Pixar is working with the USPS but at least their designs are fun, and the messages are very pro writing and mailing!
Hope this finds you all giving and getting lots of mail!


  1. That is a lovely message on the back of the stamps. Thanks for taking a photo of it that's readable for us non-US-ns! :-)

  2. I was wondering when these would be out for sale!! Love it!

  3. I hope you got a sheet of Owney The Postal Dog too!