Sunday, August 28

Mailart- What Blew Inn with Hurricane Irene

Hello all,
I think I'm known for budget and finding stationery.  (At least that's the perception I feel others have of me)  Anyway, with all this crazy weather, I found my creative juices flowing.  I mentioned this surprising collage book I found at a thrift store that looked at a variety of artist and how to take their ideas and create your own.   Well Matisse is very friendly to my artistic taste and I have made several with his influence, but I was hoping to branch out.  So here are some others I've been experimenting with. 

Stupid me made a few others and forgot to take a pic!
Then I went cupcake mad!  Making several cards for Operation Write Home.  But I really truly love the paper confections I made!
OWH doesn't mind multiples, but recommends no more than 30 of a theme!  I love these so much I might change the saying and make a few more!
I liked making these as I could use up scraps of hoarded paper!  Plus anything I can add bling to is just fine with me!
Here are a few mailart pieces that I have recently received! 
the amazing Annabell's work
From Viola and a surprise on Postcrossing from Belgium!  Love the lady popping out of the frame.
For everybody out there, the hurricane was fine.  We are experiencing flooding locally, but nothing too terrible. We'll see how they fair up the coast.
I hope this finds you all creating your masterpieces!


  1. I've been following your blog for some time now and I really enjoy your posts and pictures. I love the cards you made. They're awesome! The giraffes and polar bears are adorable and the cupcakes look yummy!
    We had a lot of wind and rain, which resulted in a lot of trees coming down and flooding and power outages. Hope everyone made it through safely.

  2. I was inspired by the cool envelopes you made out of the maps and take-away menus that you sent me, so I tried making some myself this weekend from pretty wrapping paper. Who knew it could be that much fun? :-) Thanks for the inspiration and SO glad you weathered the storm just fine.

  3. Thanks for all you're doing for Operation Write Home!!!! Your cards look great! As far as the multiples, your cupcake cards can be used any time of the year, OWH is more concerned with people sending in multiples of, for instance, Christmas cards in November, because then the shipper has to store the extras for a year.
    Those cupcakes will go just as quickly as real ones. :-)

  4. Thank you for my starter package I really appreciated it! Thanks for all the creative ideas your blog rocks!