Monday, August 29

Mail Call

Dear Mail Friends,
I know I'm late for the mail call, but with good reason.  I usually post what I have responded too and as it was a busy week in my real life combined with the fact that I received very few postcards.  So basically, we're waiting on me.  -Sigh-
So here are some of the letters I have responded to!
The above 2 are from the darling Malyss!  She too has been very busy but found time to send me a very nice package. 

A nice note and package from a newer contributor from sendsomething. 

a really late birthday card! Love ya, Margaret!

Campbell soup #2 from Ciara - S2

token potcrossing ! )
Finally one of the best things that came from Postcrossing

A letter from Nora.  We started our exchange with postcards and it's grown since.  Notice the chocolate wrapper- yeah the chocolate did not make it to photo time- yum!
I hope this finds you all well and know that after Wednesday, I will be off to visit so I'll be behind in picking up from my P.O. Box.  Really it will not affect anything as I have a small stack of letters to respond to!
I hope this finds you all giving and receiving lots of mail!
I leave you with an image of my patio garden!  I recently replaced the lettuce beds with chrysanthemums for fall : )

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