Sunday, August 7

Long Overdue Incoming

Hello all,
Things have slowed on the mail front- I suspect its mostly due to the fact that we are all so blasted busy with summer in full swing and back to school around the corner. But I received a letter from the wonderful Speck wondering if I'd received her last letter (almost a month ago- yikes! )  And of course I had, and I had replied the day prior to the second letter- yikes again! 
So I thought I'd put up the incoming - there's a bit I've been holding on to!!!!

From the Postmuse
And then

From Karen

From Patty at Letter Rip
And then

A whole Birthday Bundle from Wolfey at No Post on Sunday

From Jen- one of my few old friends who is also a regular contributor
Annd theeennn

postcrossing and Rachel at I Heart Letters
The pen pals from summer vacations
A contribution to my postcard project



Marie at Send me a Drawing

Tara-dactyl at Hello Life

From Juanita at There's only Juan
And then (say really quickly)

The fab illustrated envie from Speck with a marathon letter
Well that should catch me up on the incoming and here are a few outgoing that I snapped a photo of.  I'm not great about taking photos of outgoing. I'm too spontaneous for that.
(oh, oh - No And then!!!)

Well that's all folks! I hope you've enjoyed the mail and the quotes from the classic quality film "Dude, Where's My Car?"
Happy Pen Trails to you,

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