Friday, August 26

My First Hurricane- Kind of

Hello folks!
I'm excited today for many reasons.  We had a tiny earthquake this weekend.  Funny only 3 of us at work felt it.  Me being one of them.  (Not my first earthquake, or the largest I've felt.) 
Now this weekend I will be on the fringe of Hurricane Irene.  This is my first hurricane and I'm glad it's just the fringe.  Having lived in the Midwest, I have experienced severe tornadic weather and blizzards, but not anything so large as a tropical storm or hurricane.  Hopefully all the mailers along the East Coast will be safe and only inconvenienced by the stormy weather.
Life experiences tend to make letters better!  So I'm looking forward to the experience!
My Best,


  1. My goodness, thinking of you all in that part of the country!

  2. Good luck in weathering the storm...strongs!

  3. Irene hit North Carolina as a Cat 1 storm... That is really great since the Cat 4 it was expected to be would have torn the Outer Banks apart! They are fragile to start with. The weather here is gusty and over cast with unnaturally warm morning temps. (pretty normal for the fringes of a hurricane). It will be blustery here all day but I expect we missed the "hit" we were supposed to get, Thank God! For those further up the coast who are not used to hurricanes I am praying that Irene fizzles and you will all be spared. Take care and let us know how you are!

  4. Thanks all. I'm a good 2 hrs from the shore so I expect rain and flooding. I'm not to worried about the wind. I lived in Central Iowa for awhile and wind is a constant there.

  5. People are panicking here. It's funny. My work was sold out of D batteries, 6 volt batteries, flashlights, sump pumps, window well covers, most things guttering, power inadverters, nearly all of out candles, lamp oil and the lamps that go with it. It's been crazy there the past few days. I hope your tomato plants will be okay!