Sunday, June 19

Why Create Mail Art?

Hello All!
I found this video over on Gurney Journey blog.  I was following up on the mail art call he sent out.  But was ecstatic to find this gem.  Link goes to a YouTube Video about what art does to people!
Apply this to mail art and you have a convincing argument to make and send beautiful things.  Could we help create enough love to encourage world peace?   hhhhmmm . . . .
An interesting thought!

Also here is today's board pic- several unique postcards have made their way to the board and only a few letters (I'm a little behind in my letter writing).  With the sendsomething ladies being creative and sending unique collages and artwork!
Hope this finds you well! Happy Father's Day to those celebrating!


  1. Love the card on the upper left with the dark green border and yellow building. Woot! Very nice.

  2. You'll get a closer look at the card in a future blog. It's a great glimpse into another's life!

  3. "Life without art would be a series of emails". Very true. Such a wonderful video, thank you for sharing it with us!