Thursday, June 9

Send a Drawing Project

Hello Folks,
I have to admit something.  I am just as curious about who read my blog as you all are about next post.  Thus when a new person "follows", I tend to look back at their profile to see if they also have a blog.  I have found a few good sites this way and it gives me some context on the person if they write me.
Well recently I saw that Creatively Marie had added on and I back tracked to her main blog and saw a side project she was working on called Send a Drawing Project.  So I emailed her for more info. 
Marie is looking for drawings to help inspire her daughter who has physically disabled but mentally very creative!   Art is one of those amazing medias that allow people to communicate emotions and ideas without words. 
Now I am not very blessed in the drawing department, but I do like to think that I am creative.  I hope to create something special and send it along.  The project very much reminds me of one of my favorite movies My Left Foot.  The movie is about Christy Brown who had cerebral palsy.  In a time when those children were hidden away, he became a celebrated artist, poet, and author breaking all kinds of barriers! Here's a recent article about him for some more details.
So if you want to inspire, but some ink to paper and show Marie's daughter your artwork.  Maybe we can inspire her to create her own!
Hope this finds you all creating something special!  And with this I'm off to Colorado!

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