Friday, June 24

Some Presents to Me

Hello all!
I shamelessly published that my birthday was this weekend on sendsomething just to see if anything came through for me.  I did get a few cards which is better than I had hoped.  My family and friends are NOT good about sending birthday wishes and in this day and age of texting and Facebook - most people start and stop with a text or FB post.  It's better than nothing, but a bit of a cop out.
Anyway, I have long since realized all of this and no longer leave my birthday happiness to the stars!  Here are a few mail presents I bought for myself : )
the bunny suicides postcards- "when cute fluffy little bunnies just don't want to live anymore"

art postcards
And the trip to Colorado was also a present to me as well : )  I just had to time it a few weekends before because that's when my friend's schedule and mine best worked.  Here is a few images of the fantastic food we ate.  I gave my mostly vegetarian ways up to try buffalo (yum!) and elk (yum!) and quail (yuck!).

for dessert: tamarind creme brulee and prosecco gelee with white chocolate rose mousse and huckleberry compote!

the night view from the restaraunt balcony
Finally proof that I am evovling at another year older.  Today I let myself go into Marshall's with the intent of buying myself a birthday present.  Well I liked the Vera Wang stationery alot, but it was $8 a box on sale.  SO I opted for supplies instead- Something I never would have done a year ago!  Now I have to try to make something fun!

Anyway, I hope this all finds you creating your own brand of happiness!
My fondest wishes,


  1. Happy Birthday, Becky! That dinner & dessert look delish! I agree about the Facebook messaging being a cop out. That's why I shut mine off on my birthday, but maybe next year, I'll go the opposite way and announce it publicly & include my PO Box to see what I end up getting. :)

    I sent you a letter yesterday, so be expecting it soon!

  2. Thanks May! I was hoping I'd get another person to "follow" this weekend and it was you- so happy bday to me !!!

  3. Happy birthday! I had no idea. My brain has gone on holiday this month... I sent you a letter (probably too late for the international giveaway), but I'll have to sneak in some belated birthday goodies for the next send. ;)

    TheAuthor @ sendsomething

  4. Penblywdd hapus! I wrote a letter to you this morning that will be posted on monday. In my letter, I wrote that I had tried to comment here on my ipad, but it wouldn't let me select a profile. So I'm here again, wishing you a happy birthday in Welsh!

  5. I've heard the Welsh language is slim pickings on the vowels! Thank you for the birthday wishes!