Monday, June 27

A mail art site I Like

Sometimes I like to see what others are doing in this world.  I stumbled on this mail art site while I was researching ATC's and every now and again I go back just to take a look around.
Frip's Mail Art
It's a nice site if you are looking for avant garde. And with our natural voyeuristic tendencies- it's just plain fun. I think if I were to really get into mail art, I'd probably be more on the whimisical side.  Oh well, I will continue to suffer with my art form and try to make something less elementary and more high school : )
I always try to remember that the worst I can do is dump it in the recycling bin!
My Best,


  1. The beauty of mail art is that there are no rules... whatever you make the recipient will be glad to receive. No one is looking at execution, or technique (other than to enjoy it), and you are almost cetainly going to get something in the mail as a return. Just have fun...don't worry about your level of experience!

  2. I know the biggest obstacle to my creating is my own doubts. Something I continue to work on.