Saturday, June 25

Overboard- no literally!

Hello folks!
How is everybody doing? A big thanks to everybody for the bountiful week in mail.  I'm going to do something a bit different this time.  I think its hard to appreciate the individual mail items from a distance on the board so I am going to catalog them in smaller batches.  I will still pin them to the board for me.  They are a nice rotating art display and allow me to enjoy my mail longer and better!
First are from postcrossing taken amid my lettuce and basil plants.
Then there are some birthday wishes!

and a letter from a true pen pal with my cactus

then we have the fabulous Mrs. Fakefish sending me my second zine!

And some of the SendSomething crew with various creations.  Tara and Speck probably belong to the blogger group more- but got tossed in here.

And another Pennsylvania mailer - Marguerite who makes beautiful cards.  This one is in a Denver map envelope with a cowboy theme!

Then there is the blogger crew

from the fabulous Pamela at Cappuchino and Art Blog - look right

We have the Missive Maven in skulls, Rachel B in stamps, Misty in Pinocchio, and a new contributor Juanita from South Africa.
Let me know what you all thought of this format versus the board format. This is a little more labor intensive, but I'm willing if its wht you all prefer.  As always, I hope this finds you all giving and receiving lots of mail love!
My Best,


  1. I like the close-up photos very muchly! I've often wished I could see the details on the beautiful mailpieces on your board, especially the stamps from overseas. The envelope and card from Marguerite are awesome!

  2. I like it. It's lovely seeing all the letters up close! :-)