Wednesday, June 8


Dear friends,
So summer seems to be here in more way than one.  I have a job that is a bit seasonal and so the craziness at work has started.  Plus the summer travel is in full swing.  I am packing tonight for a long weekend trip to Denver, Colorado to see Breeziekay and a few other old friends.  So my posts may be sparse the next few weeks, but I hope to have some pics of my travels!
Some garden cards from Iota also usher in the growing season and my patio garden which is growing like weeds- well I guess catnip technically is.  
Anyway, I hope this finds you all happy and busy making memories or at least writing about them!
My Best,


  1. Doggone it, I don't understand how your work can be seasonal, and I'm not just being catty.

  2. We'll get a cup of coffee together soon and I'll explain it! Until then my friend.