Saturday, June 18

What does a dollar buy?

I'm about to let you in on a secret, my secret.  Although it's not much of a secret here in the USA.  I shop at the Dollar Tree.  The Dollar tree is a store that many in the USA make fun of for it's cheap crap.  The idea is that everything in the store is $1 or 2 for $1.  I use this to my advantage all the time and buy lots of things from there to use in my mail.
Stickers - limited in supply but very cute and a good deal.

Stationery- a rare purchase here, but occasionally they have something

Die-Cuts for labels


Post-its (great for labels)

Cards- (actually 2 for a $1)

There are also children's books, stamps, seasonal cards and paper goods, pens, markers, glue, and large padded mailing envelopes.  Some are a good deal, others may be too cheaply made for $1 even.  But all in all they are a nice deal! And a nice source for cheap mailing components.
Your Friend Who's Mailing on a budget,


  1. I love the airmail post-its! I wonder if the one here has them....

  2. I love Dollar Tree~ ^___^ I wish the one near my work would have a better selection compared to other local DT. I usually hit he stickers, hehe.

  3. You're a smart shopper! Why not get something for less, if you can? I always try to! :)

  4. I *love* DT's greeting cards! Cool graphics, witty messages, and cheap price! I've given up on Hallmark.

    I've bought some cute stationery at DT too, but it's a rare find.

  5. I wish we had a dollar tree in the UK. We have poundland, but it's not very good where stationery and potential penpalling supplies are concerned.