Saturday, June 11

Have Art Supplies, Will Travel

Hello Folks!I'm on vacation in Denver, Colorado!  A beautiful place to visit and the gateway to the Colorado Rockies!  So why am I posting this?  Well my wonderful good buddy had to work today.  She JUST got a job after living and going to school here for a year and this is not do to lack of trying.  So there was no way I could ask her to take the day off.  We'll have the other days to be together.
But I don't mind- I brought things to do

And isn't it great when you can do what you love!  That's a vacation in itself.
Here's some of the outgoing from Colorado.

I had some help responding to the letters.

And here's a beautiful pic of the downtown.

This is the twilight sky- love the clouds and moon.

Happy travels, my friends!

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  1. You vacation more than you work!!! Lucky stiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!