Saturday, June 4

Better Stop Now

Hello all,
I have had a frantic day running errands and slowly I am beginning to respond to all the mail I received over the week plus that I couldn't get because my Post Office had after hour lock down due to door problems.  Usually I post my incoming mail on Sunday after I've had a chance to respond but . . .

the board is rather full already.  So I figured I'd better stop now and post so I can start over with a clean slate.
Most of the mail on the board consists of postcards from postcrossing and sendsomething.  One to point out is in the center- a Chinese postcrosser sent me the lovely card of little Buddhist boys playing!  I think this one will be on the fridge for a bit.  And the postcard in the top right corner that's a blur, is from Belarus but the thing took such a beating that from every angle it reflected.  I tried to get a good shot.

I also got a few more new stamps.  These are kind of retro- but very pretty.  I've already busted out the Indy cars and love the way they look on the envies.
I hope this finds you all well and happy!


  1. I've written out a card to send you for your giveaway! (Thank you for having an international giveaway by the way!) I'll post it on tuesday. BTW, I also have a blog at

  2. I had no idea that there was a community of people who appreciated snail mail. My pen-pal and I have been writing to each other since 1981; We've never met or exchanged email addresses. It's been pen-and-paper for 30 years.