Monday, June 20

Amazing Finds Around the World

Hello all!
When I started my journey into mailing people around the world about a year ago- (yes! really! same time as I started the blog! ) I was just looking for an outlet to my stationery obsession and a way to fight boredom with my recent move and new found spare time.  I didn't really love stamps or postcards at the time or knew anything about half the stationery I owned or the world of mail art.  But I liked to send and receive and I saw some value in both- but now!  My eyes are more open to the beauty of the mailer world and all the little things that make it unique and special.
Mail art was a new and eye opening experience  It is very personal and has been a very fun way to get to know other people!

From Mail art 365
Postcrossing has been a great way to see the stamps and world through postcards.  From ad cards to homemade- they have been a wonderful way to look through others eyes.
From Postcrossing
I have to say some of my favorite stamps have been from China, Finland, and the United Kingdom.
Just a few of the Finns- I passed the coolest on to a stamp collector
another amazing Chinese postcard from postcrossing and stamps
The Brit Mailboxes and Shakespeare
The other thing that amazes me is the connectivity.  Just one example:  I have 2 pen pals about my age from Finland and Spain who aren't into the postcrossing and blogging.  Well I became social networking friends with one to track our mail after a lost letter and low and behold she was friends with the other!  We apparently all write to each other.  What a find! 
Send something has been a good catch too:

Just some recent mail art from the site!
It's been an interesting year and I'm more than humbled by the folks who like what I have to say enough to read and follow this blog.  I'd like to think I'd write it no matter what, but truly you guys keep me going.  A blogger with no audience is like a flower with no water, it probably won't last long.
I'm done with my rambles.  Thanks again for reading and Happy Mailing to you!


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