Saturday, May 28

Just a Quick Note

Hello everybody!
I've been informed by a few of my readers and pen friends that blogspot is behaving badly and not allowing them to leave comments.  Sorry to anybody who has tried!  I still appreciate your reading and wanting to make comments, and I'm hoping the bugs will get worked out of the system soon!
On another note, I am on a short vacation to Ohio to visit family this holiday weekend.  For those outside the USA- this weekend is Memorial Day which is a day to remember and reflect on relatives that have passed, though many also see it as a day to honor those in the armed forces who have lost their lives.  Memorial Day is also the unofficial start to summer for most of the continental USA! 
I'll try to get some pictures of my travels for the next post!
Until then, I hope this finds you all happy and well and receiving lots of mail,


  1. Visiting family in Ohio-that sounds fun!

  2. Blogger is acting weird. Someone told me she couldn't sign up to "follow" my blog...let's see if this comment flies..