Monday, May 16

Caught Up!

Hello all!
I finally caught up with all my return letters, postcrossing, and this months birthday list!  I feel soooo triumphant!  That I went a little crazy and started random mailings.  Actually the random acts of mail make me incredibly happy : ) 
So sendsomething folks and old friends- maybe you've been targetted. 

And my postal labels came in!  To quote Speck "Woot!"  What else does a girl need?  (Um . . . besides chocolate, pens, and pretty paper)
Hope this finds you all in good spirits!


  1. I couldn't catch up with my letters when I was writing my thesis, now I am up to date with them:) Great feeling :D

  2. Triumphant indeed! I wanna get all caught up before I move but work gets in the way... Colorful labels. ^___^

  3. Triumph for at least for a few more hours till I go check the PO Box ! )