Saturday, May 14

More Adventures On the Road

On the way to DC, I mentioned to my travel companion that there was this weird little roadside place called Roadside America.  The place houses a toy train collection and miniatures and was recommended by several people as place to see.  Now my travel companion and I have been friends for years, and I had no clue she liked miniatures! 
So stop, we did.

The display was made by Paul and Laurence Gieringer.  They and their children worked on it for years.  It was moved to its current location and opened to people in 1941.  The place is like a time capsule! 

It depicts life in the late 1800's to early 1900's and shows the rapid transition from carriage and horse drawn work devices to the days of cars and industry.  The detail is magnificent and there are buttons for kids (or adult kids like me) to push to make things move in the exhibit.

Sorry the pics aren't great.  The place was rather dark and my camera didn't want to work with the lighting.  But I did score some postcards fo the place at the throw back price of 25cents a piece!
Hope this finds your travels surprising and your mailboxes full!
one final pic


  1. Becky, do they still play the National Anthem at the end?

  2. Sure do! It was funny, because the guy is sooo monotone and very formal. He wanted all the people to go to the rear of the building and be seated for the show. Audience was population of 2!

  3. One of my favorite places to go! I'll have to dig out the photo with me and one of my nephews standing with one of the huge amish statues.