Friday, May 6

The Circus is Coming to Town

Another one done before I left!  Got to love internet access while on vacation!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!  I had a fabulous day at Micheals.  I went there to find a few stamps to send to a friend and as always, I looked through the dollar bin and I found! ! !

The most beautiful vintage themed circus cards.  I loved them so much that I bought one of each style. I also went a little crazy with all the accessories!
The matching sticker tablets

The stamps

And these were all only a $1 a piece!  I also couldn't control myself and got these recipe cards with attitude.

All in all, I think they are terrific finds!  I can't wait to send them out to you all and look- no uber scary clowns ! ; )
Hope this finds you all creatively happy,


  1. Congrats! Vintage is back. Not sure I've ever seen a stamp sold for a buck. :) Wish I could find such a sale, but I'd have to give something away each time I bought something. Patty is teaching me balance. :D

    I'd like a zebra card. An elephant. Oh! and the acrobat. Or maybe the hot air balloon. LOL! Have fun.

  2. If you have a Micheals near you, make sure to check out the dollar bins. They are great places to find interesting thigs.

  3. You enabler, you!!!! I'm a secret juggling freak, so you know I had to go to Michaels and look at this stuff..... I ended up with the pack of bags (will work for cards) and the unicycle guy.....

  4. At least I encourage thrifty spending!!!