Friday, May 20

Budget Makers

Dear friends,
It's been an extremely busy week and I'm glad I was indoors as the weather has been just gray and crummy with rain, rain, and more rain!  I did however find some time to go to Goodwill and was surprised by the goodies I found.
Deep in the back of the store in the bottom of a storage bin was this insane huge bag of stationery.  It was so big!  And only $3.97.  I spend more than that on stamps in a week!  So here is what $3.97 buys.

I wish I would have gotten a picture before I opened the bag!  But I was like a kid in a candy store and I couldn't wait to get this out to my car before I started to sort through it!  Yes I said car, I didn't even make it home before this bag was opened : )
Here's the break down.
Art postcards to the left bottom, had made cards on top, and random mini envelopes in the right corner.
Left upper- a stack of Thank yous, right upper- 2 artist original cards apparently signed (?), and some gray Hallmark paper and envelopes.

Upper Left- a set of scenery cards, Left lower- Caspari art cards, Right upper- more art cards and below them are some greeting cards.
 These are from current- the autumn bird set and my prized Colonial Williamsburg cards
Some miscellaneous incomplete card sets.

And finally a random bunch that fell on the floor while I was taking pictures of other cards.  The blanks to the right are just that- a set of ten blank cards and envelopes to make more stationery!  The insanity continues!
Now for those already jealous of my find- Don't read further because it gets better!
What can you get for $1.97?

How about a whole set of Crane Stationery!  It's not flashy, but it is Crane.
And last but not least, I needed another container to put my stationery in and I like vintage tins.

So for $0.97, I bought this old Whitman Chocolates box to help with the storage!
I love it even if others question my sanity.  (Wait . . . I question my sanity on a daily basis!)

I hope this finds you all getting a bargain!

p.s For those of you outside the USA, Goodwill is a chain of second hand stores that resales donations and funds work programs through those sales.  Because the stores work on donations, the daily merchandise is incredibly random and different.


  1. I don't know: are you lucky? are they mad? do you especially know how to find things behind things in shops?...But well, OK, I'm sooooo jealous!!:o)What a treasure you found there!

  2. LOVE the Goodwill for stationery finds!

  3. A sweet find at the Goodwill ^___^

  4. Beautiful. I used to work at Goodwill when I was in the States. It was a good thing we had a staff policy that workers had to wait three days before they could buy anything because we got to see all the good stuff first! :P

    TheAuthor @