Monday, May 23

As promised . . .

Well I promised a view at the projects and outgoing mail I was working on.  So here are some that I like and hope you like too.
The first is from that cool PC book at the Hirshhorn in DC.  It invites you to finish the picture.  (That's one of my favorite poems).  It's a nice way to encourage kids to create- or folks like me with training wheels on.

A budget moment: the Dollar Tree has a lot of great stickers and paper pieces and cards.
Some colorful envie fun!  I have to say that I personally love the celebrate stamp!
And for anybody not taking a chance on making your own envelopes- get the training wheels off and try.  There are about a thousand sites that show you how and it's an easy wow factor for your next letter!
Then I quacked up ! )

Did you find the odd duck out?

Rachel has a mail blog too and is always happy for more mail.
I love that rubber ducky punch I found in the bargain bin!  That's all for now.  I have a few more but they can wait for another day's post!
Remember, nobody cares what you send, as long as you send something!

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  1. When I received your letter I started laughing!!