Monday, May 9

Is Today Really Monday?

The title of the post says it all!  I'm back from my DC excursion, and its back to mail and the business of everyday life.  At least the resort complex at the National Harbor, Maryland was very relaxing and I enjoyed beautiful weather the whole visit.
I took some letters with me to respond to- so here's my in box! 
I was going to tape these to the docks, but I never seemed to get around to it.   So here they are back at home on the guest bed.  Most are from the usual suspects, but I did get a few new folks. All in all, it was a good haul!
I also made some amazing stationery finds in the Museum Art Stores.  If you have never been to an art museum's gift shop- you are missing the most interesting stationery finds you could image!  The best was at Hirshhorn's Sculpture Museum and the Native American Museum.
The book to the left is a postcard book that invites you to draw and edit the postcards!  I love this type of interactive art!  The stickers are of the Day of the Dead!!!! They make me very happy.

These are all honorable mentions for the coolest- also all available in the Smithsonian gift shops. 

And finally, a little vacation pic from the National Harbor, MD!  Happy travels my friends!

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  1. Wow, the National Harbor pic is amazing ^^ I absolutely love the postcard book and the Day of the Dead stickers, what a lovely idea ^.^