Sunday, May 22

You Tease!

Hello all,
How's your week been?  I had a really nice mail week.  It wasn't overwhelming and sometimes it really is all about the quality!  Here's the recieved.
Several nice postcards and a few nice letters made it up- which means a reply is imminent.  One mention is the jugglers up in the corner.  Nancy at TrampStamps made that and called me an enabler as my circus post made her curious enough to drive to Micheals (a local arts and craft store) to check out the circus themed supplies.  How can I feel bad when I'm rewarded so handsomely : )
And now a tease
What do you get when you cross free time with clearance priced paper punches?

I'll let you know!  I send a lot of premade, but sometimes creativity happens!  It's almost time for an outgoing mail.
With that, I hope this finds you sending the dream!

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