Saturday, May 14

I Need A Vacation from my Vacation

Hello All!
It's been a busy few days since I've been back.  Catching up at work, house cleaning, laundry, and letters!  And before I move on to new subjects, I wanted to highlight a few more interesting finds from my travels.
So here are some more lovely finds from my time in the Washington, DC museums.  I strongly recommend that if you are looking for fabulous stationery and live near an art museum, look in their gift shop.  It's a bit pricey, but will help support the museum- always a good cause!

I loved these, but was slightly disappointed when I got them out of the box.  They are flat panels instead of cards, but then I remembered that I can always send them as postcards!  I like stationery with options.

These were a cool pack of cards.  They are used to support a Brazilian young artist program. 

So you can read for yourself!  A double charity purchase- bonus!

These cards depict images made as part of the arts and crafts movement.  Something I've been much more interested in since my visit to Fonthill and the Moravian Tile Factory.  Thanks Pomegranate for bringing art to stationery or is it vice versa?

 And finally, this was the only picture I got to take in the National Gallery of Art before my camera batteries died! It depicts the Shaw Memorial Project.  The best thing to do is to tell you to watch the movie Glory

This is one of the first black regiments and most died during the the Civil War trying to take Charleston, SC.  Again, watch the movie Glory, as it goes through the basics of the story and is a really good movie.
Hope this finds you all happily mailing and getting out to see the world!

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