Friday, November 8

Thrifty Finds: Follow the Feeling

Today I was out and about doing my errands and I started to think I should stop in and see what the local thrift store had.  I have ignored this feeling many a time and many a time I have went and found almost nothing.  But today it was the strong, there's something good there and so I pointed the car in that direction and found some good stuff!

 A few books to destroy.  They seem like they are older and can be recycled.
 I found these multiple postcard sets for 25 cents a card, but there was a surprise.
 More postcards, I took them all.  Figured whatever I didn't want I could trade.
 These bundles were 75 cents a piece but I have a plan for the Disneyland cards.
 Then I found a bunch of the Looney Tunes USPS merchandise.

 And lastly I got these postcard packs for a buck a piece.  I think the dolls will be saved for next Halloween - yikes!

 After I got to the counter, I found out it was mystery discount Friday, which means I drew a piece of paper out of a hat and this was all 25% off!  Yay!  I love thrift stores and their crazy randomness.

I hope you find something great this weekend too!

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  1. I can't believe all the cards you can find! Nothing like that here :(