Tuesday, November 19

More Mail

I hope to get a few posts in over the next few days of all the lovely October mail received, so please stay tuned!

 A lovely postcard made from original artwork by the sender.  A USA postcrossing
 A Postcrossing from Germany showing a brew house.
 A spices postcard and I forget which country it hails from
 A nice letter from Georgette, Congrats on your stickers making ingenunity!

 A great card from the Netherlands showing a vintage slogan.
 A postcrossing from the Netherlands that the sender made from photos
 A nice postcrossing from China with undeciphered poetry.
 A postcrossing from Russia of a local view per sender.
 Views along the river that runs through Berlin, a German postcrossing.
A postcrossing from Germany showing one of their national parks.
 A Canadian postcrossing of a local view per the sender.
 From the Nethlerlands, this is a crew that makes tasty pastries.
 Some hand made goodies from MC from SendSomething
 A Japanese card by way of Canada.
 A postcrossing from China also lacking any true translation other that this is an old poem.

More to come!


  1. You must have a fabulous cards collection!How many files and boxes to keep them?... :o)

  2. Some lovely postcards...thanks for sharing!