Monday, November 18

Make Something Monday: Circle Seed Envelopes

I found this cool project in a book from the library called the Artful Card.
I find the triangle shape to be very interesting and appealing especially since it folds out into a perfect circle.  The authors had made these envelopes out of glassine paper, and I am not 100% certain where to locate this type of paper, so I decided to experiment with a variety of papers.

 Now a disclaimer, you will need to use very basic geometry to make your templates! Sorry, but this will give you the freedom to make an envelope the size you want.  The book gave me a small template and recommended to blow it up to a 6 inch circle, but an internet search found me a video on how to make and isosceles triangle within a circle which was extremely easy and again, gives you the freedom to design your own thing.

You will need a protractor or a pin tied to string tied to a pencil, scissors, a variety of lighter weight (thin) paper.  Optional: a circle cutter and ruler
I was going to try to explain the how and I will still do the step by steps below, but first consider watching this short video as it explains so much so easily.

Now, I will go over it again in 3 pictures.

 1) Draw a circle with the center marked and a line through it.
 2) Find the distance from the center to the edge and draw a line where it intersects with the edges of the circle. 
 3) Connect those points and I would recommend you do this step twice so you end up with a circle and triangle template.  Although I found after creating a few of these, I did not need the templates and just used a ruler to fold the edges.
 Here's my first template.
 Once you cut your paper, you can insert the triangle in to fold the sides.
 Is that not pretty?  I will update this post later with the cost to mail these.
 I then used the triangle template to make a card that fits within the envelope.  You will need to shave this card a bit so it fits better.
On the back of the card, I used another envelope so I had a built in pocket to mail things!

I hope you enjoy this project because I sure did.  I think the person who opens this will be in love with the shapes.  Plus, once you do it one, you will find it to be very, very simple.


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  1. This looks really nice! Too bad it would cost a lot to send a shaped card or envelope like that here in Belgium. It isn't standard mail here, even a square shaped card isn't.