Wednesday, November 20

Flat Daisy and a Mailing Adventure

Hello all!
I have a guest who will be heading out soon!  Meet Flat Daisy!

She's friends with Flat Stanley who has books all about his mail adventures.  Well Daisy has bee having adventures too!  She was sent to me via my long, long time friend Courtney via her little cousin along with a letter introducing me to the project.

address was on the back, so sorry I did not show it.
I had originally photographed these so that the address was hidden, but (and this is a big BUT!), I emailed the teacher about a mail call.  The teacher was surprised and okay with the concept.  So I would love it extend the opportunity to all of you to send postcards or notes from your section of the world and educate these youngsters on the amazing connectivity of mail! 

Here's the address and please share this with others!

Pianta Bella Elementary School
P.O. Box 397
Butler, IN 46721

Please mention seeing Flat Stanley when you were out doing things and remember this is a very young and impressionable audience.  One we can all take a part in turning to the bright side of mail and pen palling!  May we infect many with the mail bug!

I am also looking for some hosts as she now has a passport.  Her next few stops have already been slated and I am sure that she will be glad to say good bye to the Pennsylvania cold as she travels across the ocean to Nice, France!
One of the pictures of our adventures together!  She needed a sweater that day as it was rather chilly.  But I have to say nothing seems to crush Miss Flat Daisy's spirits and may she be an example for us all when it comes to having adventures in mailing!
Thank you!


  1. Hello, Daisy ! Glad to meet you! Here in Nice we're impatient to have your visit! Evrything is ready for your arrival! Have a safe and nice trip!

  2. Lovely idea! I would show her around Saarbrücken / Germany if that's what she's up to - but I'm also heading to Berlin for Christmas, so I guess that would be more exciting.
    It's cold over here as well though, today was the first day of snow!
    Take care,

  3. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! Let me know how I can help!

  4. I'm originally from Pennsylvania but live in England now. I'd love to help out.