Saturday, November 16

On the Inbox

I made a promise after October first, I would start posting pics of all the mail received.  Well I have most of it pictured, now I just need to get it up for your viewing pleasure.  Here is the first of many to come!

A postcrossing from Belarus!  The sender was getting married the next day.

A nice postcrossing from Russia.
A nice tourist card from Germany.
A Wolfey sighting!  She lives and before long will be back to the states.
 A word:  This is not real.  This is no more than a hoax will not be in the the Guinness Book of World Records.  A quick Internet search revealed all this.  I am not opposed to starting a postcard or mail art chain, just not sending mail under false pretenses.
 A nice tourist card.  Postcrossing for the Netherlands.
 A very shiny Postcrossing from India.  I am sorry for the flash, but really happy to get the card.
 The flying Buddha, a postcrossing from China
A cute kitty/ fall themed card from Taiwan
A nice card from Juli notifying me that Enter the Haggis was in my area.  I just checked out their site and apparently they are doing a mail call looking for letters that inspire them to write their next album!  Awesome concept, swing by through the link and check it out!  I may have to blog on this again as I am not sure everybody reads these well.
A postcrossing from Germany
A postcard conversation I have going.

 A postcrossing from the Netherlands.
 A Postcrossing from the USA
And Juli's last letter.  I love mail too!  I guess that's why we get a long so well!
More mail to come!

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  1. I got that postcard chain letter too from someone via sendsomething...I saw that it was a hoax as well.