Friday, November 15

My Late MSM: The Shard Card

Earlier this week, I posted that I was not able to complete my posts because of a missing cord that attaches my camera to the computer.  With a few mischievous four legged friends running around, I had my suspicions and lo and behold, it turned up. 

Now I can present a project that I found this weekend while making a search on YouTube in recycling projects.  I haven't been able to locate the link, but it was ridiculously long for such a simple idea which I nicknamed the shard card.

First grab scrap paper, scissors, glue, card stock or cardboard if you want to make a postcard and start cutting.

 Take the pieces, pick a center and cut triangles that fit in to it.  To give the card depth, you should make fatter triangles on one side and skinnier on the other.  I like the space in between, but perfectionist could overlap the edges so they touch.  The last piece placed may take a couple cuts to make it fit, but the rest fall into place super easy.

 Here's what it looks like before you cut off the edges. 
 Cut the edges down and add a centerpiece.  I chose a quote I got in a recent swap.  And just sent this card off to a friend that recently got engaged.
 But I always take it to the next level.  The cardboard was from packaging and the paper from insides of security envelopes that bills came in. 
Here's another version.  I used the thicker pieces on the long axis to play with the perspective and then used cheap office dots to outline the shards. 

What do you think?  I like the effect and ease of the project.

My Best,


  1. Ooh ooh, those quotes look familiar!!! ;-) lol

    1. Sure do! I still have to post all my back mail for Oct. Including our exchange.

  2. I was thinking about this application and I think it would lend itself well to a scrapbook page and an art journal page.

  3. I like the idea of recycling the cardboard for the card and also the lining of security envelopes...thanks for sharing!